Thrift Couture: Floral Camouflage

I’m continuing the Thrift Couture series this week with this stunning floral camouflage set with- fantastic in every way- photographer: Allie Godwin. She and I got together in my basement last week with some beautiful backdrops and thrifted clothing to create this stunning photo set.  Enjoy:

vogue, thrifted fashion, chanel
Shirt: City Thrift Clarksville $3, Jacket: Buffalo Exchange $18, Earrings: Buffalo Exchange $5, Shorts $4, Tie $2, Backdrop $3 Goodwill, Chanel Scarf: Thrift Town San Fran $3, Tights: Some store in the LA fashion District that I can’t remember $8, Total $43
fashion, thrifted fashion, vintage, retro
Shirt: Some Thrift store near Dollywood that I can’t remember the name of $5, Headpiece: A vintage consignment store that went out of business $3, Backdrop $3, Oscar De La Renta silk scarf $1 & Skirt $4, Earrings $3 Goodwill, Total: $19
vintage, floral fashion, thrifted fashion
Backdrop: $15, Jacket: I have owned since I was 13 years old when my Dad bought it for me at a vintage shop in Sacramento CA $18, Shirt: City Thrift Clarksville $4, Brooch: Vintage from my late Grandmother, Belt: Goodwill $2, Pants: Buffalo Exchange Nashville $15 (except kind of free since when you shop at Buffalo Exchange you can trade in your old clothing for new clothing) Total Cost: $54

thrift couture, high fashion

vintage fashion, thrifted style

portraits, thrifted fashion
These masks were worn by doctors back in the days of the black plague- the nose was stuffed with herbs that were supposed to guard one from illness.  Imagine how awful it would be to lie on your deathbed and be visited by this…
floral fashion
Headpiece designed by me with some fake flowers from the dollar store attached to a plastic headband.  $5

The total cost for everything you see in this shoot is $121.  I am constantly blown away by  what you can create on an Eco Friendly budget if you are just willing to get creative. Patterns on patterns is pretty much one of my favorite things in the universe- so I plan to keep em coming with all of my favorite themes 🙂

Do you all want me to do my self portrait blog soon so you can show me all of your beautiful creations? I’m dying to see them.

Create-Create-Create y’all!

Love and Thrift,



Photography By Allie Godwin, Styling by Your’s Truly


Elisabeth Donaldson is an Actress, Model and Professional Creative living in Nashville, TN




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