High Fashion- Low Cost: $150 of Thrift Couture

Since I was a 13 year old girl- the thing that attracted me most to thrift culture, was the style.  Low cost was a benefit- but the Fashion kept me coming back.  All these years later- nothing has changed.  I am constantly excited by the High Fashion pieces I find  in my thrifting adventures- and believe that my years invested in thrift dedication- have allowed me to develop an exceptionally high style wardrobe on a depression era budget.  So I’ve decided to start featuring more of these looks on 365DOT so you can all see how easy and affordable it is to add some thrift couture to your life.

For this series photographed by my dear friend Sally Kimiko– we took four red hot looks on an adventure through downtown Nashville.  Come explore with us.

Thrifted Evening Gown: Goodwill $10, Original Art Sweatshirt: Evan Boutte $30, Thrifted Valentio Jacket: Goodwill $1.50 Shoes: I can’t even remember- I think someone gave them to me. Total Cost: $41.50
art fashion
High Plus Low Plus Art Equals Gold

thrifted fashion, fashion photography

EFS (1 of 1)-11

EFS (1 of 1)-2
Beauty in the Chaos
red 3
Texture and Leather
EFS (1 of 1)
Top: Southern Thrift $8 Skirt: Goodwill: $8 Shoes: J-Lo: $45 Total Cost: $61
thrifted fashion
Jacket: Buffalo Exchange Nashville $15, Dress: Goodwill $10, Shoes Thrifted $4, Total Look: $29

red 26

EFS (1 of 1)-8

red 18

EFS (1 of 1)-7

thrifted fashion

EFS (1 of 1)-4
Dress: Buffalo Exchange Nashville $17
eco fashion

red 8

red 11

One of my favorite compliments (made when I was wearing a $15 total outfit from Goodwill) ever- was, “Girl! You look expensive!”  It’s thrilling and factually empowering to rock thrift couture with the satisfaction that you are saving the planet while saving a dollar. Total cost of everything you see here: $148.50. Thrift on my Queens- let’s slay the world and look expensive doing it.

Love and Thrift,


All Photography by Sally Kimiko.  All Styling by Yours Truly.


Elisabeth Donaldson is an Actress, Model and Professional Creative living in Nashville, TN



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