Goodwill Photoshoot Magic

This week I decided to challenge myself to create a photoshoot using only items I had purchased at Goodwill in a single trip on a budget of approx $25.  We found some super fun dresses, props and backdrops, which just goes to show you that Goodwill is a constant  purveyor of creativity.  You will never have a trip where you don’t find at least one nugget of GOLD!

Shayla is a longtime friend and fierce AF model and I was so delighted to have her along for this thrifted photo challenge!

For this shoot, our total price tag was $33 (and this was also the trip where I found an INCREDIBLE Betsey Johnson Telephone Purse for only $25!!!!) and we were able to create three super fab looks, complete with unique backdrops and props.

Last year I purchased a SonyA6300 camera- which I highly recommend-  I have been able to create stellar photo and video content– and it won’t break the bank if you are starting out. Here is the link to the bundle pack and lens I purchased.  All the things you need to start out are included.  My film-maker friends literally made a list for me of the essentials, and they were so right.  I recently shot a music video with this camera and the footage looks so freaking good.  I edited these photos using Lightroom– which you can purchase for $10 per month as part of the Adobe Creative Cloud (you get a bundle of great editing programs including Photoshop)  Even if you don’t have the budget right now to buy a new camera and subscribe to editing software- you can create really amazing images with just your phone and a good FREE phone editing app (I like VSCOcam and A Color Story for brighter colors- PicsArt is also free and has really great stickers and effects that you can add to photos)

It’s always my goal to inspire you all to CREATE MORE and I hope that this shows you that you don’t have to spend a fortune to create some really fun art. Keep creating and let me know your questions and projects in the comments section 🙂 Enjoy the photos!

Love and Thrift,


thrifted style
Backdrop: $3, Leaves: $4, Dress: $6, Cheetah $3
thrifted, retro
Backdrop: $3, Dress: $6, Humpty Dumpty: $2
The print on this dress was giving us so many feelings!
EFS (1 of 1)-14
Pro Tip: Wear your dress backwards for a photoshoot for retro turtleneck vibes.  I used scarves from my collection for a backdrop and head wrap.
fashion, photography
thrifted fashion

EFS (1 of 1)-10


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