From Drab Abby to Fab & Gabby with a Thrifted Betsey Johnson Bag and some DIY magic

Alright guys- hold on to your freaking horses because there is about to be a whole lot of amazing happening in a single post…

To start- this XXL Goodwill find had been staring at me from my projects rack for quite a long time.  All it needed was a hem- as I decided that the oversized vibe would look fabulous if it was just a little shorter- but before we reveal all that, lets check out how this dress looked before:

vintage, thrifted, portrait
Getting creepy over here…

Now you all know how much fun I like to have with the “before” dresses- and this might be one of my favorite characters yet.  Her name is Abby- check her out- I’d love to hear your thoughts…

So now that we’ve seen just how drab this dress can be- lets move on over to the FAB! Like I said- all it needed was a hem- so I trimmed it up to the bottom button and sewed it under.  *Styling note:  I loved the flirty length of this when it was done- but when rocking a loose fitting one piece dress- be aware that you are going to have to wear shorts underneath because it will pull up when you lift your arms.  Last summer I bought all sorts of simple biker style shorts to wear under my skirts and dresses to ensure I’d never have a Britney moment- so I’m well covered in this dept and consider it a style choice…

Not only did this dress turn out cute AF- but the thrift Gods blessed me yesterday with this AMAZING Betsey Johnson Telephone purse (which I have been swooning over forever) which happened to be the perfect match for the black and white and vintage theme. Not only did I snag it for just $25!! (It retails for over $100) but the freaking phone works!!! Guys- I’m dead.

IMG_2152 2

betsey johnson call me bag

IMG_2154 2


Overall outfit deets: All Goodwill- Dress: $6 plus some elbow grease, Sunnies: $2, Purse: $25 shoes- IDK I’ve had them freaking forever.

What is the best things you’ve ever thrifted?


Love and Thrift,






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