Give Yourself Flowers with this Thrifted DIY Sweater Crop

Valentines day pre-game week is upon us- and though I may be single as a MF, The spirit of the season is not lost on me.  So to kick off my Valentines Day Fashion bonanza- I’m starting with my favorite DIY of the year so far.  I love this project because it is super simple, super fast and such a great way to give those funky vintage sweaters and sweatshirts an upgrade. Since I know you all love style- I’ll start with the OOTD and then break down how I cropped the sweater.

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Cropped sweater and knit skirt.  Entire outfit from Goodwill.
Shoes from Southern Thrift– super white legs brought to you by Winter.
thrifted style
Jean Jacket: Goodwill

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I think we can all agree, that was a freaking super cute Valentines outfit… so back to this cropped sweater… here is what it looked like before:

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Channeling my inner five year old
diy fashion, thrifted fashion, thrift blogger
Step 1 is to determine thew length you are going for and mark it with a pin
The next step is to evenly cut off the bottom
On the sweater is cut you are going to want to use a medium sized sig zag stitch to prevent the fabric from fraying and falling apart…
sewing, diy
Finally, fold the bottom under and hand stitch the hem

Technical note:  I chose to hand stitch because the sewing machine stitch had a tendency to  stretch the sweater fabric out- making the bottom buckle up a bit- but if you like that look- you can machine sew it as well.  Now- you’re DONE! The entire DIY only takes about 30 minutes- how cool is that!?  I’m down here jumping for joy…


I styled all of my Valentines Day inspired clothing last night- so I’m looking forward to sharing the love with y’all (lol- see what I did there 😉 )

Love and Thrift,


Outfit Deets: Sweater: Goodwill $4.50, Skirt: Goodwill: $4.50, Jacket: Goodwill $6, Shoes: Southern Thrift: $8 Necklace:  I honestly don’t remember. Total Outfit Cost: $23

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