Transformation Tuesday: Iris Apfel

This post is long overdue because November was a total whirlwind of acting projects (not a bad problem to have.)  Many of you tuned in towards the end of October to enjoy my low key Halloween looks-  but the icing on the cake was not Low Key at all.  It was my Iris Apfel Costume which was perfectly thrifted and wonderfully fun to be.  If you don’t know Iris-  I highly recommend you watch the Documentary immediately- as she is one of the coolest and most stylish humans living today.

I donned my Iris Apparel and although not intending to be in Character all night-  it seemed wrong to not just fully become Iris-  so I attended a party, fully in character, and was told later by friends that some never even knew I was there because I was  so unrecognizable.  #winning

Iris Apfel, Elisabeth Donaldson Actress

Iris was such a fun and fascinating person to become that I decided to come home and do some video on Facebook Live of the imaginary places her clothing came from and then-  the real story.  I wanted to put these here for you to enjoy.

The Above-  Iris tells you the wonderful History of her outfit and below-  you can learn the real life thrifted secrets of where it all came from: (I’ll give you a hint-  it was almost all Goodwill with a necklace and jacket from Buffalo Exchange.)

As an Actress–  Halloween has always been an opportunity for me to really explore fun characters-  and I think this year was the best yet!  If you want to see more interesting and semi-imaginary people coming your way- check out the new Characters section of my acting page-  where I will be keeping my creations posted as they come 🙂  I’d like to thank NuMynd Studios for throwing am awesome an informative Halloween party (there was a super cool panel on the future of Virtual Reality in the Film and Television world) and for giving me the honor of best Costume (I was one of three amazing creations!) Keep Creating my friends!

iris apfel

iris apfel, thrifted fashion

Love and Thrift,


4 thoughts on “Transformation Tuesday: Iris Apfel

  1. What a wonderful recommendation. I’m watching the documentary now and I’ve decided I want to be Iris when I grow up. What a fascinating and fabulous woman!

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