Where’s Waldo?

This weekend has been a doozy- potentially the most busy Halloween weekend I’ve had in years!  One amazing show with my friends TAYLS and Creature Comfort at the East Room, (the band Space Face– melted my face as well), One Saturday night  party where I played the Mad Hatter photographer, a full Sat and Sunday spent working non-profit, and one fabulous event on Sunday night at Nu Mynd studios where I got to attend a super interesting panel on Virtual Reality and film-making while I stayed in character all night as Iris Apfel (stay tuned for that).  Needless to say, what I really wanted to do was stay in bed all day today-  but alas, duty calls…

Where's Waldo

I can say, without a doubt, that I started my weekend off right with potentially my favorite low key Halloween outfit yet: Waldo.  This is so simple and yet such a hit. All you need is a white (and red) beenie (mine was $2 at Goodwill), a red and white striped shirt, some round specs (love mine from Zenni), a pair of jeans (Obviously I rocked my eighties, high waisted, acid washed from Goodwill).  I rocked red heels for a sexier vibe, but when I was at the TAYLS show taking concert pics- my red thrifted converse were my BFFs.  This costume is all the freaking things.  It’s cute, it’s comfy, it’s easy, and people seriously love it! #winning

thrifted style, where's waldo

waldo, thrifted

style blog, thrifted style, waldo, halloween

style, fashion, waldo

Where's waldo

I’m super thrilled with how the concert photos came out-  you can swing on over to ElisabethBDonaldson.com later today for the full set-  but here are a few:

tayls, the east room


nashville event photography

nashville event photography

I hope your Halloween week is beautifully creative!  Stay tuned for all the rest here on 365DOT.


Love and thrift,



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