Thrifted Halloween Costume Fun on Today in Nashville

On Friday the 13th I had the absolute pleasure of joining the fabulous crew of Today in Nashville.  This was perhaps the most fun I have had on live television- and I think that my thrifted I Love Lucy costume was filling me up with all sorts of Comedienne inspiration- because this segment was LIT.

today in Nashville, live TV, thrifted halloween
Click to watch this amazingness unfold…

The fabulous and talented Charlotte Weatherington- Goodwill’s Social Media Queen, was my partner in crime as Cyndi Lauper and we had a lot of fun getting ready to go live as I struggled to ensure I ate my homemade waffle for breakfast.

Both of these outfits are entirely from Goodwill-  the dress even makes an entirely different type of cameo in a dramatic short film I produced and starred in earlier this year called Perfect Dream. The skirt was an upcycle from a sheet from a few years back (so cute- right!?!) and the waffle- well it’s my homemade-gluten-free-pumpkin mix and feel free to hit me up in the comments if you want the recipe.

I love lucy, actress

actress, halloween, i love lucy
Breakfast is important (and so is that clock belt!)

lucille ball, i love lucy, funny, actress

actress, thrift life
When you are a fifties TV star, but also an eighties rapper…

We truly had the BEST time- and I am super thrilled to come back for another thrifty segment in November.

To recap- here are some super easy Thrifted costumes you can go to Goodwill and get RIGHT NOW:

  • Eighties ANYTHING (Golden Girls, Stranger Things, Dallas)
  • Bad Prom (Dead or alive)
  • Get some amazing avant Guard Blazers and become a rockstar (with or without your band)
  • Eighties rapper posse (cut that cardboard, spray paint that giant clock- and get ready to drop some beats!)
  • Macklemore (of course)
  • Grab a vintage nightgown and rock ghost vibes, angel vibes or bloody doll vibes (your choice)
  • Dye an old dress and use a glue gun and safety pins to cover it in flowers so you can become a fairy princess.

Honestly- the number of creative costumes you can create from Goodwill is somewhat mind blowing.  I hope you are all following along with my daily low key looks both here and on instagram (for those of you who want to get in the spirit- buuuut… you also have a job that requires you look somewhat like a normal person- or maybe you just like being low key) for even more ideas.  I’m having so much fun with all of this Halloween creativity and I hope you are all discovering how easy creativity can become when you start thinking outside of the box!  Stay tuned for more halloween madness!!

Love and Thrift,





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