“Thrifted Things” and Why Barb from ST is the Best Thrift Store Halloween costume Evah!

Season 2 of Stranger Things comes out tomorrow and I think I can speak for everyone (except the people who are not cool at all) when I say…

I’m gonna grab my fricken eggos, turn my bed into a nest, and binge like Nicolas Cage in Leaving Las Vegas. Seriously tho-  Stranger Things is one of my favorite shows of ALL TIME.  It’s all the freaking things.  ALL OF THEM!!  And- the most exciting thing about it is that it provides us all with so many amazing costume options that are perfectly thrift able considering all of the amazing eighties vibes.

Barb, Stranger Things

Having recently chopped my hair off and dyed it a bolder shade of red for my “I Love Lucy” appearance on Today In Nashville– when I caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror with my clear framed round glassed from Zenni– I knew that Barb was my ultimate spirit animal.  So I grabbed an eighties blouse with a perfect color pallet- my favorite Eddie Bauer mom jeans, an old notebook (although in truth she does rock a binder not a notebook- but we are going for vibes not perfection here), some fantastic Chinese Laundry Loafers I found at the last Style with a Purpose event (I found all the things there- didn’t I?) and my clear rimmed specs from Zenni.  Next I decided to troll a middle school in my neighborhood for some “Highschool-tastic” photos- which was hilarious due to me arriving just as school let out and having to take self portraits in front of a long line of parents waiting to pick up their children from school (all the more reason you guys should be watching my insta-stories on the daily) I’m pretty darn happy with the result- I think Barb herself would approve.

Barb, vintage, stranger things, halloween

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Barb, Stranger things, thrifted halloween


So for all of you wanting to create your own- just head down to Goodwill and pick up the following:

  • Eighties blouse (plaid with a neck ruffle if you can find it)
  • Mom Jeans
  • Eighties Binder (you can thrift these!)
  • Old School Glasses (you can often find a pair of vintage readers and pop the lenses out)
  • Pink eighties watch (I missed the boat on that one…sigh)

This costume is a freaking slam dunk my friends:  a joy to be and an ease to thrift!  I’d love to see what incarnations of Barb you can thrift up!

Love and Thrift,


barb, halloween
Hello from the other side…



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