Witchy Wednesday: Low Key Halloween Outfit #4

When I was a little kid I was in the Wizard of Oz.  I wasn’t Dorothy or even the Wicked Witch as I may have hoped… I was a flying monkey… and a talking apple tree.  I made the best of it as one would do- and together with the help of my talented mother- created the coolest apple tree costume ever.  That costume may or may not have been the star of the show… Years later- I was devastated to discover that I had not landed the role of Lady Macbeth in my High School play- but had been cast instead as a witch.  However- the Director put me in charge of creating costumes for the entire coven of witches so, one of the moms and I created these amazing individualized yet coordinated costumes with dyed moss green cheesecloth and torn dark green fabric.  I was also able to choreograph the entire ritual where we create our witches brew- and I think that is when I first learned- that character acting can truly be an incredible joy…

So with all this interesting witch history in my past… when I saw this black dress from the nineties while picking out my selections for last week’s Style with a Purpose event at Goodwill–  it was love at first sight.  I knew that this was the low key Witch dress of my freaking dreams and to make the whole thing even better-  that very same day I found this amazing purple topped and black feather embellished hat- thus creating the worlds most perfect low-key witch outfit. I lucked out even further when I arrived at the event and discovered that they had curated a bunch of really fantastic sun, moon and stars jewelry- so I snagged these amazing clip on earrings for $4 (as well as some other gems) and this incredible tie on necklace for $7.


vibes, fashion, witch, halloween, thrifted

halloween style, fashion, witch, thrifted


halloween, wizard of oz, witch, thrifted
This Goodwill purse! #amiright ?

thrifted style, witch costume, hats

thrifted style, fashion, witch costume

halloween style, witch, thrifted
Old rings, new rings, thrifted rings, Grandmas rings…

thrifted style, witch costume, blogger, halloween

thrifted style

wicked witch of the west
“Ding-dong, the witch is dead! Which old witch? The wicked witch
Ding-dong, the wicked witch is dead”

Many of you already know that unless otherwise listed- all of the photos on 365 days of thrift are self portraits- so I had some fun on my insta-stories going behind the scenes of these photos with you all.  I encourage you to follow along on Instagram- for more day to day behind the scenes- and certainly stay tuned for a more extensive self portrait blog.  I’d love to know what questions you all have regarding doing your own self portraits-  so let me know in the comment section!

Love and Thrift!




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