Low Key Halloween #2: Pumpkin Vibes

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When my friend told me how she was a pumpkin last year- by wearing an orange dress and a green hair bow-  I became very excited to create this look for a low key Halloween costume.  Then I went to Goodwill to pull my sections for tonight’s Style With a Purpose event, and found not just one, but TWO amazing orange dresses.  One went home tonight with a happy shopper- and the other one is today’s low key halloween outfit.

I paired it with army green pumps, and reclaimed wood jewelry from my favorite sustainable designer:  Vanderzee Jewely.  I was kind of delighted how the necklace looked like a little Jack-O-Lantern  mouth and the triangular earnings are like little pumpkin eyes.  My favorite touch is the little pumpkin leaf fascinator I made out of a vintage sheet from Goodwill.  DIY instructions below 🙂

PS:  I may or may not have almost gotten kicked out of the parking lot at Home Depot while taking these photos…

pumpkin, thrifted fashion


I was able to make this Fascinator in about 5 minutes by cutting out some oversized leaves from a vintage sheet.

Don’t touch my Sewing Scissors
Step 1: Cut out the leaf…
Cut out a back side of the leave and put right sides together
Sew the two sides together- leaving open a hole in the bottom.
Flip inside out and fill with cotton or Polly-Fil.
Fold edges under and pin.
Hand sew closed.
Sew a hairlip onto the back and you’re done!

I’d love to see everyone’s halloween inspired outfits!  Tag me on instagram (@britelightfire) or post in the comments below.  See you all tomorrow with my next look!


Love and Thrift,



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