Low Key Thrifted Halloween Costume Countdown. Day 1: Little Orphan Annie

Last night- on a whim, after meandering through Pinterest and becoming progressively excited about the infinite possibilities of Halloween-  I decided that this year it would be fun do have a 13 day Halloween costume countdown- and wear a low key thrifted halloween costume every single day until the big day itself.  Now, I wish I had started earlier- because the possibilities are freaking endless- and the fun of creating a look that is more so “inspired by” as opposed to an exact costume- is really all of the things.

annie, halloween

In the interest of simplicity-  I’ll just get right to today’s outfit.  I figured that with my hair recently dyed a bolder shade of red for my “I Love Lucy” Costume appearance on last Friday’s: Today in Nashville– I could have some fun with red head themed costumes.  I found this skirt yesterday at Goodwill while picking out my sections for tomorrow’s Style With a Purpose Event- and started thinking of all the fun red themed outfits I could create (little red riding hood was the first thing that came to mind.)  I stumbled across the concept of Little Orphan Annie ad it was just too perfect not to create.  One of my favorite things to do with costumes-  is to take the basic concept and then make it my own.

halloween, costume, cosplay, little orphan annie

The blouse was part of an amazing birthday gift from my friend last year- where he brought a literal closet full of incredible vintage clothes from his grandmother.  All of these pieces are so special.  The detachable collar was actually a find at the Goodwill Outlet last year (meaning it probably cost about 10c since they charge by the lb.) Heart pin- an heirloom from my Grandma, The belt ($2) Goodwill, Skirt ($4.49) Goodwill, socks and shoes aren’t thrifted- but I’ve had those shoes for probably 10 years, and my favorite part is the doll- which my mom and I made together when I was about 9 years old.

little orphan annie, halloween costume, thrifted


little orphan annie, costume, vintage

vintage, thrifted

vintage, style, thrifted

halloween, little orphan annie

I was up past my bedtime last night getting inspired and putting together looks for the coming 13 days.  I hope these get your halloween juices flowing!

Love and Thrift,


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