Style with a Purpose at Goodwill


Sooooo… next Thursday from 6-9pm at the Goodwill store on Charlotte Ave in Nashville- Goodwill will be having another Sip Style Shop Event (AKA: Style with a Purpose.)  If you’re wondering what this is all about- Goodwill selects over a handful of local thriftastic bloggers who each head out to their neighborhood Goodwill and pull all sorts of fun items that represent their style sense.  Then all of these fabulous items are brought to one location and all are invited to shop the various racks and get style advice and inspiration from all of these style Mavens.  I will be pulling my sections this coming Monday or Tuesday and y’all can follow along on my insta-stories to see all the trouble I’ll be getting into.  I’m super pumped to be sharing the space again with Betsy Appleton of GoldwillDigger as well as Porche Pope of Polished Pope.  Payton Taylor of Music City Pretty is also sweet enough to have me on her Nash-Fashion Radio show on 650am in the 4 o’clock hour.  I have a feeling we are going to have a seriously good time.

I get asked all the time to describe my style- and if I’m being honest- as an artist- it’s ever changing.  Also- since I often do styling- I have the ability to think with all sorts of different looks depending on what story I’m trying to tell with clothing. But… I think you will find my choices and style to be:

  • Creative
  • Fun
  • Eclectic
  • Unafraid
  • High style
  • with some retro 60s vibes thrown in

I’m also going to do my best to pick some pieces for men as well! (thrifting is not just for the ladies!)

You can learn more about the other wonderful Bloggers and the event here.  In the meantime- here are some great photos from our last event:

thrifted fashion



IMG_4543 2

Audrey and I eat snacks and share tips with shoppers.


Those “oh girl!” Goodwill moments that I live for.


See you all on Thursday!

Love and Thrift,


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