The Magic Wonderland of China Lights

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I first stumbled upon this field of magic wonder- quite by accident.  A colorful heart shaped construction caught my eye as I was driving- so I decided to pull off and explore further.  Here is the real life text I sent my dear friend Chris Daniels:

“ME: Hey dude do you want to meet me near the fairgrounds because I just found something amazing

CHRIS: Haha! Where even are you? Is there somewhere nearby where we will have Internet access?

ME: Yes and yes you just really need to come here because I don’t think we’ll ever have an opportunity to be in a place like this do you have your camera?

CHRIS: I do. Send me a drop pin

ME: I’m right next to the fair. Chinese builders are just letting me wander around in here they’re so friendly and the stuff is so beautiful. I basically just found a portal to a magical wonderland…” 

By the time he arrived- our inside access was no longer available, but Chris shot some amazing photos all the same.

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I waited patiently for the festival to begin- so I could go back and experience the wonderland of Chinese lights.   Last weekend my friend and I were there for about 15 minutes before we found ourselves caught- under a tarp- in a flood-like downpour of rain.  After finally obtaining plastic bags to put out leather purses and phones inside of (hers: a Coach bag, mine: a $2 J-Crew Goodwill find- of course) we made the sprint back to my car and got rain checks for the following Sunday (closing night.)  I must tell you- that each and every visit to this modest and magical little field at the Nashville Fairgrounds has been just wonderfully relaxing and pleasant. Maybe it’s the music, the children, the lights, the simple, childlike dreaminess of it all…  The festival has been extended through next Sunday (June 18) and especially if you are a creative type, I highly recommend surrounding yourself with the colorful lights and the soothing Chinese music. Who knows- maybe I’ll go back next Sunday- just to find a wonderful excuse to wear more magical 365DOT attire (and yes- I’m aware that I’ve said the word: “magical” about 100 times in this post) See you there!

china lights

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Outfit deets:

#1: All from my rack at the SIP, STYLE, SHOP event at Goodwill in April (I’m so glad no one snagged these!) Top: $4.50, Skirt: $4.50, Purse: $5  (it’s a Vera Bradley!) Shoes: $5.99 from my Shoe Haul last fall.

#2: Fab finds from Buffalo Exchange Nashville $25 (why have I not been going here more!) Stay tuned for a post about all my amazing finds!

#3: Amazing hand-sewn vintage jumpsuit found in my friends attic and gifted to me!!! $0

Till next time thrifters! Stay Creative!


Love and Thrift,





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