DIY Fashion for Dummies (5 fast DIYs you can do with nothing more than scissors and safety pins)

Happy Friday faithful thrifters!  It’s been a whirlwind of a month (in the best possible way!) and today I had the pleasure of spending my last Friday of the month with the beautiful and wonderful Meryll Rose on Talk of the Town.  It was like sports meets fashion skills as we went over 5 super simple, super easy fashion DIYs that you anyone of any skill level can pull off.  As promised- here are the finished looks- on 365DOT.

I hope you enjoy the segment as much as I enjoyed shooting it!  Live Television is well… live and I  was so thrilled that we powered through all of these fun fashion creations in such a short period of time!

So lets starts with this adorable plaid skirt: These can be found by the truckload at your local Goodwill and this is a really fun way to create a flirty easy skirt in about 5 minutes without having to sew a stitch.  All you have to do is pin the bottom edges of the skirt to the waistband and boom- you fly.

thrifted DIY
Hey that’s my garage door! (bloggers do you feel me?) Outfit from Goodwill. Necklace: $1 at the Nashville Flea Market)

The next look- which I think is really fun- is the dress from a mens button up! I demonstrated this in full on Talk of the Town– so just click the photo to see the segment.

dress from a mens button up
Red, White and Blue for the win. Head to toe Goodwill.


DIY dress

Wearing a scarf as a top is nothing new (for many of us at least) and last year in my Goodwill guest blog: Bonnaroo Survival Guide– I went over four ways to rock your thrifted scarf. Click on the photo for the full article 🙂

thrifted scarf style

And finally- after cutting into those dark wash Mom jeans on live television- I took them home and threw them in the wash to let them fray.  Don’t they look AMAZING paired with that simple cut out T-Swift top!?! I’m seriously in love. ♥️♥️♥️

thrifted DIY
We are never ever getting back together…

I’d love to see what you come up with trying out these quick fun looks!  Lets have some fun okay?

Love and Thrift,



One thought on “DIY Fashion for Dummies (5 fast DIYs you can do with nothing more than scissors and safety pins)

  1. I am going to tap into that scarf as a shirt look. I have a ton of them with beautiful patterns, and they totally deserve to be open in free, instead of tucked and tied lol! I am also going to find a shirt that I can cut up like yours. Thanks for the inspiration, keep thrifting sister!! Love your spirit by the way.

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