Thrifted Clothes and Million Dollar Homes with Meg Epstein of California South

I knew I liked Meg from the second I heard her voice.  I literally hadn’t even see her face- I was taking a class and she was outside  the door talking and I thought, “I like that voice, I could listen to that voice all day long…” She really does have the most pleasant voice- but beyond all that- Meg is a total power house of a human.  Similar to Clark Kent working at the Planet- Meg’s day job is as a developer of luxury homes (She recently oversaw the amazing renovation of Tammy Wynette’s former home) and in her “off time” (although don’t let her relaxed looks fool you-  Meg is one of the most productive people I know) she works intently to help others as the Executive Director of  the Nashville branch of Citizens Commission for Human Rights.  On top of all this she recently married her own Superman (who literally looks like Clark Kent) and they just got back from vacationing in Aspen.  So could this luxury home wielding power princess humanitarian get any cooler?!?  Yes, in fact… because I’ve recently converted Meg over to the wonderful world of Thrifting- and with these three thrifted revamps that we photographed in one of her amazing Belle Meade properties–  you are going to see how thrifted style really is the new luxury (especially since Eco-Fashion is simply the thing to do in this day and age.)

thrifty babes
Thrifty Babes


thrift store treasure
The most amazing Beer Mug I’ve ever seen…

Meg and I started our journey at the Bellevue Goodwill- they have this new boutique section that is super cute with so many great items (like these incredible ginormous ceramic Beer Mugs which I was just crazy about)  where Meg chose three vintage dresses that she wanted to make over into tops.  I practically begged her to keep the orange one as a dress but, as she is always on site overseeing  construction- she always ends up in jeans and a top.  The Finished product is super cute! (The Hubs loved it so much he sent us out to create even more thrifted treasures!)

Here are the “Befores”

These were all really simple upcycles- The red dress just needed to be shortened, and have the shoulder pads moved (of course) the retro brown floral dress only needed a hi-low hem for an awesome peplum look- and with the orange top- I tailored it in a bit on the sides and then shortened it into a shorter- retro cropped vibe. Are you dying to see the finished product?? Me too!

Processed with VSCO with a5 preset
Welcome to Lilywood…
thrifted fashion
Perfect pool vibes, especially with the nautical themed $2 necklace from the Nashville Flea Market.
luxury homes
Dining room tabletop goals…

thrifted style

luxury homes nashville
This Living Room has my heart…
thrifted style
The pockets plus the pattern on this top are my favorite.
nashville luxury home
Office Space…

thrifted style

thrifted style
Processed with VSCO with hb1 preset

thrifted style

Meg-A-Watt Smile...
Meg-A-Watt Smiles
luxury bathroom
The best part about this outfit is that this leather skirt belonged to Meg’s Mom in the eighties.
How much do we all love this bathroom?? This much…
That perfect bathroom lighting tho…

Total cost for all these great finds?  About $16.  Kinda makes you feel like a million bucks…

Until next time…

Love and Thrift,


thrifted style
Obviously I couldn’t pass up an opportunity to selfie my own thrifted wares in that dream bathroom from heaven… 😉



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