Samantha Spektor

I’m sure you all remember the sweet but super awkward Samantha Spektor from my December dress makeover.  Well I’ve been creating a bit more with this character over at and this is the latest installment.  Wardrobe all entirely Goodwill (isn’t that Wizard of Oz purse the cutest!?!) check out the full post below and let me know what you think 🙂


Elisabeth Donaldson

Samatha Spektor was a character I created a few months back for one of my dress revamps on 365 Days of Thrift.  Ruth Chapa and I took her for a spin last week in front of the camera and it was such a unique shoot. As opposed to traditional “modeling” we would just set up the basic shot and then I would just- BE Samatha which in this case- was mostly just reading some incredible poetry I found from the book: These Are Not Sweet Girls, which I liked so much I bought a copy on Amazon. I loved it because it felt like we got to capture private and personal moments of a human that you would never otherwise see.

I loved Ruth’s take on the shoot: “I came home and told my boyfriend how you were in character for most of the shoot- and he…

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