Thrifted Denim, LulaRoe Leggings and Art Film Adventures in Under Construction Churches…

I could make this a post about how a denim jacket is a total must have item and I searched Goodwill faithfully every time I went, to replace the one I  had lost- knowing I would eventually find this fashion essential… I could make this a post about how my friend gave me a giant bag full of LulaRoe leggings and I honestly see what all the hype is about because when I was wearing them in public, I had a real life moment where I was factually concerned that I was not wearing any pants (they are THAT comfortable)… I could make this a post about how I mixed all of these lovely pieces together for an on the go type outfit that is as adorable as it is comfortable… but instead, this is a post about how a little bit of exploration, friendliness and innovation- turned into the coolest experimental project ever.

Eager to create some great shots of these wonderful gifted leggings for my sweet friend, I drove up the street looking to find a good shooting wall and found myself in front of an old gym that was being turned into a church. The people working there were very sweet and obliging to me using their walls outside to shoot. I walked a bit and heard an almost mystical construction noise coming from within, seducing me inside, so- curious cat that I am, I followed this noise into the empty construction space. It was what I call a photographers dream, in its under construction state- so I started to wander around and take pictures. The head contractor ( walked through and I told him I was an artist and asked if it would be okay for me to shoot a bit. Not only did he let me shoot as long as I wanted, he showed me the cool old hot tub in the back because he thought I’d like the way it looked (which I did). ♥️ I’ve been pondering the concept of Self Portrait short films for a bit- so I saw this as the perfect opportunity to have some fun creating.

In order to overcome the barrier of needing music rights for posting- necessity became the mother of invention and I created this weird cool tune using only my own voice and  GarageBand.

I was able to create this project- including music- using nothing but my iPhone and myself ♥️ I hope all of you are inspired to use the tools you have to hand to create art and expression.  I’d love to see the exciting things you create using the tools you have on hand. 🙂

LulaRoe leggings thrifted purse
LulaRoe leggings, Goodwill purse and a cut up $14 Tee from Forever21

lularoe leggings

thrifted fashion

Processed with VSCO with hb1 preset

self portrait


Outfit Deets: Beenie: $2 at City Thrift in Clarksville, T-shirt: $14 Forever 21, Leggings: Gifted- LulaRoe, Jacket: $5 Goodwill, Purse: $4 Goodwill, Shoes: $6 Goodwill.  Total outfit Cost: $31

Love and Thrift my friends!


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