In Love with Linens: Thrifted Bedding Tips for the Win

I don’t just live thrifted, I sleep thrifted- literally.  So when I heard that Goodwill is having a “stuff the bag” sale this Friday and Saturday- I decided that I must must, jump on the bandwagon and share my excitement for all things linen and thrifted with you all.  I’ll be honest, there was a small part of me that wanted to keep all the  lovely linens of the world  for myself- but being the believer in abundance that I am- I figured I must share all of my bedsheets and pillowcase wonder with the world.

thrifted sheets
These thrifted sheets are the cutest…

Shopping for unique retro linens is one of the things that turned me into such a hardcore Goodwill regular. For my Monarch clothing line- I used all sorts of beautiful thrifted sheets to create lovely clothing (I’ll be sharing more of this tomorrow) but one day while a friend of mine was casually talking about the wonders of bleaching their white bedsheets- it struck me: I could be pimping out my bed with adorable retro sheets as well! So off to Goodwill I went to find all of my sleepy treasure.

I now own a plethora of duvet covers, adorable floral sheets, pillow cases and I even have a  retro comforter  (which you can find in my Ambassador feature) with the same  exact print as one of the couches on Mad Men.

thrifted linens
Green quilt and pillows created by my lovely mom- adorable owl pillow from my sis- everything else is thrifted (except the dog of course)
thrifted linens
If you don’t have a sweet Grannie to make you pillow cases like this- you can thrift them!
thrifted curtains
I’m so in love with this thrifted curtain for my bathroom…
thrift tips
Always good to have your own collaged journal. I’ve also been super in to my Kindle lately (so obviously I’m going to post a DIY on how to create a Kindle holder out of thrifted sheets.)
thrifted sheets
Remember when I made a crop top out of a thrifted pillow case? Well paired with some thrifted pants- its the perfect pajama set for my adorable bed. #whenyourclothesmatchyourhouse

Granted, there are going to be people in the world- who are never going to feel fab about second hand linens, but for those of you who are interested in taking the plunge- here are my tips:

Go for light colors: I personally have a light color theme for my entire house- but particularly- when you are buying bedding- it makes it easy to coordinate all of the designs.  I also like this option because I throw everything in the wash on hot with bleach- so I know it’s all squeaky clean.

Bleach: like I said above- wash it on hot with bleach and you will be a sleeping sparkling princess.  There are of course plenty of other cleaning options for those of you who don’t have all white decor. 🙂

Coordinated Chaos: The key to thrifted home decor is to know your color palette and stick to it-  that keeps the door open for you to find unique thrift gold- while still having the ability to create a cohesive look with style and design.  This is true for linens, clothes, dishes- you name it.

You can bet your thrifted hat that I will be at my neighborhood Goodwill bright eyed and bushy tailed tomorrow morning when they open to stock up on all the goodies I can stuff into my bag.  I suggest you get your own bag and follow me here all weekend- for all sorts of fun things you can create with your thrifted sheets and linens.

Love and Thrift,



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