From Drunken Gram to Rock and Roll Glam: A 365DOT NYE Dress Redux

Before and After
Badass Prescription shades from Zenni Optical
I’m sure most of you have your party duds already picked out for tomorrow-  but in case you don’t, this is makeover is fun on so many different levels… Hell, even if you know what you are wearing, the before and after on this one is one of my favorites so far.  So without explanation, I give you, The Before:

I think we can all agree that this is pretty much all of the things that you don’t want to be on NYE.  I’ll admit- I wore this dress once before as is (not as a joke or a costume) an I loved every minute of it-  but it was a bit too high maintenance to get any real milage out of- so I opted for this simple upcycle

thrifted NYE style
Don’t Drink and Dress

Sewing Tutorial
The first step was cutting off the excess sleeve

Thrifted dress revamp
Next I cut off the bottom half of the dress

Next I folded under the bottom twice and pinned it. Since the beads are tough to deal with on a machine, I opted to hand sew.

Netflix and Hand Sew with “The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmitd”

Once that was done- I pulled everything into alignment with a sleeve ironing board. If you don’t have one of these you can wrap it around anything round and wide-ish. I pinned everything together so that it would lay correctly and be lined up once I sewn together.

I then used my machine to sew all around the primary beaded design. This was tricky (I had to pull off all the excess beads that I could) and I broke three needles when the needle ran into the beads (hence the hand sewing on the bottom)

I cut off all of the excess carefully and went back around with a tight zig zag stitch
I’m pretty delighted with how it turned out. I now have a versatile top that I can mix and match with several different styles.  For this look I went for a rock and roll Glam vibe.  Gives you the glitz you need for the big night with enough casual mixed in to rock the dance floor. Makes me feel like a Babe…a real Babe…

Thrifted fashion

Processed with VSCO with a5 preset

Thrifted Style

thrifted style

Thrifted Style
Michael Jackson Vibes
new years style

Thrifted Style

Black and Gold
Dress turned crop top:  originally from Goodwill: $8, Belt: who the heck knows, I thrifted it from somewhere for $2 when I was 19 and have held on to this magical treasure ever since. Pants: Forever 21 $25, Boots: purchased in the LA fashion district 10 years ago for $15, Jacket: From City Thrift  in Clarksville $4.  Necklace hand made by my sis.

Wishing you all a fun, healthy and creative New Year!

Love and Thrift,


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