Ponies and Plaid for Christmas

I hope everyone had a beautiful Christmas.  If I’m being honest, I’m looking forward to getting of the fast and busy Holiday train and  back into normal habits and routines (like eating well, working out and going to bed on time.)   I had a mellow Christmas with friends (my family lives in California- and I hate holiday travel- so we connect at different times of the year.)  My mom is coming to visit n the spring and we have a wonderful time planned with sewing and thrifting and all of the things 🙂  I was delighted to FaceTime with her and my sweet dad and see the beautiful quilt she is working on for Project Linus– and incredible non-profit that gives handmade quilts to children in need.  As someone who is lucky enough to have a mother that has been creating beautiful quilts for years-  I know how special and meaningful a quilt can be- so it’s amazing that a program like this exists to bring the beauty and love of a quilt to a child who needs it.

Thrifted fashion
Santa and ponies forever…


Since every little girl wants a pony for Christmas- I opted to wear my adorable pony sweater with some high waisted plaid pants.  Christmas seemed like the a day with just enough whimsy to pull of what is potentially a cauldrons sweater- so I thought I’d take the theme and run with it 😉  It ended up being 70 degrees in Nashville- so perhaps not the best choice (unless you want a “sweat”-ter) but I still had fun taking photos at Santa’s Pub with my dear friend Lauren, and then wandering around a more un-gentrified section of Ft Houston before heading off to a wonderful Christmas potluck with so many people that I love.

thrifted fashion
thrifted style
Vintage plus ponies, plus brick colored hair, equals all of the things…
abandoned places
old places…
vape clouds


thrifted style

thrifted style

Outfit deets: Sweater: $5, Pants: $8, Shoes: $6, Belt: $2  All Goodwill. $21 and done.

Love and Thrift,



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