Samantha gets a Makeover: A DIY Dress Redux.

I have an insanely over active imagination.  Personally I love it- it’s like everything in the universe is trying to tell me a story- including the dresses.  As many of you know by now- I like to have fun with the before looks and since I was already working on a neurotic teacher character for a short film I shot last night- I had some fun creating a love-lorn  bookworm named Samantha Spektor- as the character I imagined this dress to be before she got a makeover. So I busted out my trusty tripod and imagined what she would be like if she was trying to create a profile for the newest online dating site: “1-2-3-date” I hope you enjoy this as much as I enjoyed making it.

Now… on to the make-over.  This was another simple shortening job much like my Thanksgiving Redux.  I opted to make this a touch longer as well as double rolling the hem.  and I also took the top and middle in just a tad…

vintage geek

You can check out my Thanksgiving post on the most simple way to mark your hem.  I marked a couple of inches under my finger tips and then, since this was a less full skirt, just folded on half, pinned across and cut off the excess length.

sewing tutorial
Never hurts to use your vintage Goodwill glasses as weights.

Once this was done I simply ironed down a small section…


sewing a hem
Then folded over and ironed and pinned again
Dress DIY
The waist was easy to find due to the old belt loops…
Dress Redesign
So I flipped the dress inside out and pinned where the loop was located.
Vintage Dress Redesign
After this was done I pinned out where I wanted to take things in.
vintage dress redesign
Once I sewed it- I did a quick try on to ensure the fit was to my liking. In this case, I wanted to take in the top a bit more…
sewing tutorial
…so I flipped the dress back around and took it in some more, this time starting all the way up in the sleeve…
DIY dress makeover
It’s important to cut off the excess seam allowance.
Vintage Dress makeover
I also do what my mamma told me and iron the new seam once it’s done.

So now it’s all done and ready to go.  I think we can all agree that Samantha has come a long way from the neurotic book worm we first met on 1-2-3-Date!

vintage dress
Dateable 😉

What stories do your dresses tell you?

Love and Thrift,


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