Thriftsmas Sewing Magic: Turning an XXL Flannel into the Cutest Winter Cape

It’s the first day of Christmas… and because I am insane, I have decided to celebrate with the “Twelve Days of Thriftsmas” where I will be making over one thrifted item each day from now until Christmas.  I’m calling it insane because it’s about to be the busiest twelve days in the land- but who cares! Sewing is fun!!!

Todays project is a really easy Flannel shirt transformation that only takes 1-2 hours and would make a fantastic gift (or gift to yourself- wink wink.) Flannel shirts are the best because you can find them in the mens section at Goodwill for $5. They come in all different colors and are also comfy AF.  You are also never going to have a problem finding XXL- the bigger the better for this project.

Processed with VSCO with a5 preset

I started with this XXL flannel from Goodwill and then went onto Pinterest to get some inspiration going. I found this absolutely adorable draped top and was inspired to try my hand at creating a similar vibe with my flannel.  The good news is that it’s really easy to do!


First you remove the cuffs and cut out the side seams…




Then you have this situation happening…

Processed with VSCO with acg preset

You pin and sew the back seams to the back side of the sleeve like so…



Enter a caption

Once this is done you iron and sew the front sections (where your new arm opening will be)



Time to make length decisions… Some might choose to leave it as is- I was going for the high low look so I picked a spot two buttons from the bottom…

Once the cut has been made you simply finish it out by ironing and sewing all of you bottom edges.

sewing tutorial
I did a thin double roll at all spots needing hemming and then sewed it all with a straight stitch.

I wanted the option of a turtleneck style closure and since the collar already had button holes- all I had to do was remove one of the collar buttons and sew in onto my strategically chosen location. This was the very last step and then my flannel beauty was ready to wear. This really turned out so well- I feel like it might become some sort of new winter uniform.

DIY flannel

Thrifted Fashion
Loving this collar option

DIY flannel

Thrifted Fashion

Winter fashion

sewing tutorial

I’d love to see you guys try this out! It really was so simple and the end result is both super stylish and mega comfortable.  I’m also not mad at these $7 thrifted jeans with my $2 thrifted Calvin Cline  belt.  The boots were a hand me down from my sis- so with my $5 flannel top- the total cost is $14. #winning! Stayed tuned for the second day of Thriftsmas tomorrow! I have a fun little thrifted dress redux that I think you will really enjoy.

Love and Thrift,


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