Goodbye November (and thrifted fall style perfection)

Today I trespassed.  If you know me- it’s a common trait.  There was a pocket of Tennessee wilderness that I drive by everyday- and since I was really feeling my thrifted fall outfit and I just happened to have my little tripod in my car-  I thought I would finally take the plunge and wander into where I wasn’t supposed to be.  The fading sun and clouds were just magic and the deep burnt orange color palette was just killing me.

sunset photography

I recently thrifted this striped rayon jersey top and it’s been been my favorite thing since.  As I mentioned in the past- as an actress- I usually have to keep things  stylistically chill for auditions and this piece has been a staple for some of my recent commercial gigs and auditions. This faux fur vest is perfect for fall layering and will carry right over into winter with even more layering fun. The simplicity of a drapey top, front tucked with some high waisted pants is an effortlessly stylish look for this season- I know everyone and their mother is doing it- but for good reason.  I also scored big the other day with a gazillion pairs of amazing Goodwill shoes for like…nothing (post coming soon!)- so these leather mules were the final touch for a easy fall style perfection.

As this thrift journey continues- I am kind of insanely proud at how you really can achieve ally of the styles with thrifted clothing.  It’s actually amazing.  No one would ever guess that this outfit was 80% thrifted.

thrifted fall style
Loving how my Hair matches the brush…

thrifted fall style

Some thrifted fall style tips to carry you through the rest of fall (an winter too I promise)

  1. Invest in neutral colors: You will notice that nature always matches.  When you add pieces to your wardrobe that are all colors that could be found in nature- they will all effortlessly layer together- giving you a wardrobe that works together for you.
  2. Invest in some dark denim or black high waisted pants.  Although I did purchase mine at Forever 21 (read my anniversary post for my apology) I wear them like, every day.  High- waisted pants make everything look cool.  Suddenly your wardrobe will be  much more usable.  You can wear them with any sort of shoe- and skinny jeans will easily work with your boots
  3. Thrift Tip: Check Goodwill (or your favorite local thrift store) often for shoes. I always buy leather, or shoes in really great condition that will really make my wardrobe work for me (as in- they are in neutral colors and match with tons of stuff)  I have built my wardrobe primarily with lots of short trips to Goodwill, as opposed to thrift hauls.
beautiful makeup
It’s magic out here…
thrifted style
Tiger’s Eye gifted necklace from when I was 19 plus a gifted chain necklace made by my sister.
Henna Hair
Henna hair and Wet N Wild Lips
Processed with VSCO with a5 preset
Thrifted Perfection

Final outfit inventory: Shirt: $4, Vest: $6, Belt: $2, Shoes: $6 (all from Goodwill), Jewelry: Gifted.  Pants: $39 Forever 21  Total outfit cost: $57

Looking forward to sharing my adventures in Henna and cutting my own hair as well as my epic thrifted shoe post next week!

Love and Thrift,



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