I Voted…

I always vote.  I vote no matter what and no matter who, because it is a right that people have died for, bled for, prayed for, suffered for…  and no matter my disillusionment with the current political system-  my though has always been, “how dare I have the arrogance to waste this right that has been fought for by so many.”  So I vote.

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This years election was one of the most difficult for me.  I do not consider myself highly political and will not use this platform to speak upon any political views- but I will say-  that never in my lifetime have I seen an election become so degraded.  As I watched a video which contained a naked wax replica of one candidate and observed rude and disgusting memes of another- I wondered whether we were experiencing an election- or some sort of decadent new reality show.  The media influenced garbage combined with big bank funded PR PR PR and crowd hysteria driven social media tidal waves- made it incredibly difficult to think straight, much less find the truth.  I wish I could say that my voting experience was inspiring and hopeful and revelatory- but it was not.

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I have friends on both sides of the party line who are genuinely inspired by their choices and I am very happy for that.  I think faith in one’s political system is an important health index of the country and I hope to see more and more people become inspired to believe Leadership. I hope to see our Leadership one day step up to become something beautiful that we can believe in.  I can’t say that I think that it is or will be- but I do believe in this country.  I believe in my friends and my family and many of the hard working people I see around me who want all the same things that I want.  Freedom for all.  Love for all. Equality under the Law.  The American Dream- which as I see it- is the great opportunity we have all been given so seek our own truth and our own success on our own terms IF we so decide to take advantage of the freedoms that this country still provides.

No matter what the outcome- I think that the heat  and activity of this election has proven one thing- we want something to change- I know I do.  But, as a dear friend reminded me this morning, we need evolution, not revolution.  Each individual citizen of this Nation needs to start caring about themselves and the people around them. Strive for self betterment, strive for the improvement of your own neighborhood, your city, your country, your world.

The Politicians are not going to create a deep and lasting change within this nation- we, the individual citizens and groups are going to do it with our own hearts and our own hands.

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We must get into an active state of living. We must create more vigorously than we ever have before. We must evolve own selves- to the point where we can contribute more effectively to the world around us.

It is time that America put the iPhone down, walked away from the media and turned it’s attention onto the active creation a new world.

I believe in us all and I believe we can do it.

No matter where you cast your vote today, I love you.  Lets work together for a better America.

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Love and Thrift,


Blouse: $4 Goodwill, Jacket $5 Goodwill, Pants: $35 Forever 21, Necklace: Handmade Gift from my Sister

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