10 Ideas for Thrifted Last Minute Halloween Costumes

So it’s 2 days unti Halloween Weekend and you’re Hype AF… you finally have a good party to go to and that cute guy might be there… you are ready to slay the Frack out of Halloween… Slaaay, like a stadium sized crowd at a live Beyoncé show screaming back, “I Slay!”

Okay wait, wait, stop..staaaawwwwp…. just. Stop. Let’s come back to reality for a second, um-k? Truth is you’re a workaholic on a budget with a shoestring bank account and even less time.  You want to pull through for the weekend but at this point you just might give up- because frankly, the stress of it all is killing you.

But- girl, I gotchu ❤️ Never fear friends- I was just at Goodwill yesterday and I can guarantee that you will find the makings of the following costumes at your local thrift store. In a short time and on a small budget- you can be the Halloween Hero that you always wanted to be- and maybe even snag that dude at the party- (or at least have some epic selfies for the gram)

So get ready- because here we go…

1) Be a Color


This easy costume is a perfect opportunity to be as conservative or as crazy as you want to be.  You can go all out with a colored wig- colored tights, gloves, make-up, etc- or you can utilize the opportunity to be super festive- yet stylish and chic.  Choose your own adventure- but it’s sure to be easy and fun.

2) The Ladies of Advanced Style


If you are not following this blog (IG: @advancedstyle) and have not seen this documentary– then you are missing out on so much amazingness! Not to mention this is an easy look to create with thrifted items! And if you have a squad- even better!

3) Hillary Clinton (Obvi)


I don’t care who you are voting for- this is most definitely the costume of the year and you know you can find one of those garish, brightly colored suits at Goodwill.  If you have a team and really want to go for it- be the entire family circa: Chelsea in her awkward phase.


4) The Girls from Justin Beiber’s: Sorry


If you have a squad- the potential here is just…. can’t even level 10.  Imagine the fun you will have doing your sorry inspired dance moves and smacking gum all night.

5) The Golden Girls


This in another Squad level costume- although it can be done alone.  Lord know there is no shortage of Granny wear at your local Goodwill.

Speaking of Squad Goals, how about:

6) The Cast of Dallas


So much eighties, so much hair, so much right…

7) Lumbersexual


Need I say more…?

8) A twisted version of your favorite fantasy character.

Processed with VSCO with c2 preset

A few years back I found an adorable blue plaid dress and decided I just had to be Dorothy from The Wizard of Oz.  I decided to do my own spin on it- with a random dog named Peter Frampton and my own unique touches- like my DIY flower crown. This is a great way to have fun with an idea which communicates the concept in your own unique way.  The costume was a huge hit!

9) The cast of Mad Men


Still the best show in the history of Television  and certainly thriftable (although Stranger Things is probably both just as amazing aannd just as perfect and thriftable of a costume)

10) Just F–king Creepy

Processed with VSCOcam with m5 preset

Buy a foundation a million shades to light- cover your whole face including your lips, part your hair and pull it tight- powder, powder, powder.  Then find some vintage nightgown or white creepy blouse and carry around an old doll.  I did this look for a photo shoot a year ago with Ruth Chapa and it was Epic.


The bottom lineua: that the thrift store is the absolute best place to find an amazing Halloween Costume. And for far less that the cost of those terribly trashy bagged costumes- you can create an interesting and authentic costume that everyone will love! I hope this has helped all of you Halloween hopelesses- become hopeful about the future of your weekend.  I’m not telling you yet what my costume is going to be- but I’m so excited! Join me tomorrow because I’ll be throwing it back to my epic costume from last year (back before I had 365dot and everything was documented in a bathroom mirror).

Spook and Thrift,



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