Quirky Girl Adventures in Abandoned Places…

Those of you who follow me on Snapchat (this is becoming a theme isn’t it) know that I had my self a pretty exciting day a couple weeks back.  I had a commercial audition with nothing more than, “quirky girl” as a description- so I decided to get my New Girl on and really go for it in the quirky dept.  I usually tone my style choices down for auditions but I was like, “f–k it! Imma be myself” I’m happy to report that my outfit and my improv comedy skills earned me a call-back and a fun romp through Nashville.   I even turned a total stranger into a pumpkin patch photographer in the Home Depot parking lot!  What a fun day! In my travels looking for a backdrop to showcase my Quirky Girls wares- I discovered an abandoned bowling alley, which was locked, but  then was lucky enough to find an incredible retro-chic house being torn down- with two contractors who were nice enough to let me go inside and take photos.  Moral of the story is: Always ask if you can go inside!

Elisabeth’s Adventures in Wonderland…

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What’s for Dinner…

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Stranger Things Selfie Vibes…
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When he doesn’t text you back…

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Outfit Details: Collared shirt: Goodwill $4, Rose Sweater: Goodwill $4, Scarf: Goodwill $2, Belt: Goodwill $2, Skirt: Closet Cleanout booty from my sis, Shoes: Closet Cleanout score from my friend Lane. Total Outfit Cost: $12 (Oh Snap!)

See you on my next adventure!

Love and Thrift,



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