Dress Alchemy: The Louisiana Garden Dress

Originally posted on The Queen Has Wings 2 years ago- this throwback is part of my “Tales of the Dress” series. I’ll be sharing more of these gems from the past as well as creating new stories to tell in the future.


I never even know where to begin… It usually starts when I find a dress while I’m out thrifting…  this girl had so many wonderful details-  a lace collar that I knew would come in handy, beautiful floral pattern, and a button up bodice that was just to die for.  It started out with a silly photo- as I picked her to be the subject of my weekly make-over, but then the final photos I shot-  with my lovely friend Carli took my imagination in an entirely different direction. eek! I found the house at dusk the night before while trying to chase the sunset for some photos with my roommate.  Apparently, I have some sort of sixth sense for finding abandoned houses- I somehow saw the fallen in roof (hidden away up a long driveway off a country road) out of the corner of my eye, flipped my car around…

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