Summer Daisies and a Magic Rainbow House

If you were in Nashville last week-  you didn’t need the solstice to inform you that summer was on it’s way.  The city was melting away at 100 degrees while the streets buzzed with Country Music Fans and Street Hustlers rolling coolers calling out: “One dolla  wata!! One dolla wata!!!” This weekend was much kinder, with a steady breeze left behind from a week of thunder storms and that perfect blend of light humidity and warmth-  that makes you want to watch the grass like a TV set as the sunset gives way into fireflies.  Yesterday was officially the first day of summer; and with a Solstice and a Full  Strawberry Moon all wrapped into one- the season brings hope of magic.


I’ve been recently obsessed with the magic filled series Once Upon a Time which has been waking up my inner, fairy tale  loving dreamer (Oh wait-  that’s me all the time 😉 )  I haven’t owned a Television in over 7 years-  so sometimes that means I discover things on Netflix far after they were pop culture popular.  I had exhausted every possible  good (and bad) Netflix Romance (I swear I’m doing a Netflix Romance top 20 someday soon) but alas,  this show most certainly is the fix for my romance sweet tooth.  More importantly, immersing myself in a fairytale world while I paint the kitchen eggshell blue (productive binge watching) has given much validation, stylistically, to the concept that sometimes it’s totally okay if your style isn’t hip, trendy, or perfectly neutral- but rather- it’s a little piece of magic that creates it’s own universe around you.

I found this house the other day and knew it would be the perfect location to show off the magic of my summer daisy dress- a dress I had purchased last fall  for $8 at Southern Thrift right when 365DOT first began. (Style Tip number 562: thrift gems like this out of season and, if you have the patience, end of with the loveliest gems ever for your wardrobe.) With the 6 o’clock sun and the cartoon clouds in a bright blue sky these images send me right into the kind of fairy tale summer I hope to have.  Who knows, maybe I’ll even meet my own Prince Charming 😉









These Liz Claiborne vintage shoes tho…



Love and Thrift,


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