Spirit, Strength and Summer Twilight: My Night at Nina Covington’s Movement

I first got to know Nina electronically-  she is always gracing social media with communication, beauty and jokes about her bad cooking skills.  Her artistic journey and passion is something to behold.  Two years ago I had the pleasure of having her walk in my Monarch Couture fashion show for ARTlightenment and discovered fully what an absolutely beautiful human she really is.  Nina is the real deal-  honest, elegant, down to earth and gorgeous through and through. I have had the pleasure of watching her transition from in front the the camera to behind it and I think she is producing some really incredible work.

Photo by Jennifer Stalvey

On Saturday I was so delighted to be able to attend the opening of her show Movement at the Modern East Gallery in East Nashville.  This project first caught my eye when I was deep in the grips of determining how to communicate a spiritual message through art and no more than a few hours later the following photograph pops up in my Facebook feed…

Submerge by Nina Covington

The series is both etherial and powerful and for me-  speaks to the ability we all have to transcend the confines of our bodies and reach for something more.  To me, Movement is intensely spiritual- while honoring the beauty and utility of the human form.

Arise by Nina Covington

Many of the models were at the opening and it was a pleasure listening to them describe the collaboration of light and movement which came together to create the final images.  Do yourself a favor and check out this series in it’s entirety- this type of communication and beauty is what this world needs more of.

Processed with VSCO with a5 preset
Stunning Nina with her work
Processed with VSCO with a5 preset
We cute…

Saturday was a scorcher- 100 degrees and humid in Nashville.  I have a confession-  I somewhat broke my 365dot rule- getting a beautiful felt hat on sale from Goorin Bros in Nashville, but considering they are a 3 generation family business with beautiful hand crafted products-  and this hat will be saving my fair fair face and neck all season from becoming a summer lobster sizzle-  I think I’ll let this one slide.

Photo by Jennifer Stalvey

This nineties-tastic  $8 rayon dress from the Limited was a perfect Goodwill find for summer-  paired with my $5 shoes and a $2 vintage belt- I felt very equipped for an art adventure in the intense heat of the summer twilight.  Now if only that sweet yellow bike actually belonged to me…


Love and Thrift,


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