Red Pinup Pattern Life

Some girls like shoes… I like patterns.  In fact, it’s always been my philosophy that a few pairs of simple “go with anything” heels, sandals and boots will carry you through all of your fashion whims- and besides, 85% of the time people are looking at your face, not your feet.  If you haven’t noticed already-  I wear my little red Mary Janes with practically half of my outfits-  and I’m more than okay with that.  So now that my minimalist shoe attitude it out of the closet-  lets talk about patterns!

I’m sure you know by now that I have a pattern obsession-  I love love love mixing patterns.  You can read up more on my pattern mixing tips in my Coordinated Chaos post- but in the meantime-  lets just all get excited about this recent Goodwill score: this adorable silk tank top with these perfect patterned dreamy redheads. $3, I’m in heaven.

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love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love

The key to making all these patterns pull together is…red…aka color coordination.  Keep the theme-  add some dark reds to keep things grounded, and pull it all together with a creamy basic cardigan and this round, red, retro color pop purse.

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I should have red nails but…who has the time for manicures


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This is actually my easy, goto “it’s hot AF” or “my hair is dirty AF and I only have time to wash my bangs” look. Just grab big sections of hair, twist, loosen a bit, tuck under, and pin.  Hide your imperfect mess with a thrifted scarf, ad some red lips and your ready to rule the world!


Total outfit cost? Lets leave off the shoes since, as I mentioned, I wear them all the time and have literally had them for almost 5 years (classics never die) Silk Scarf: $2, Silk Tank: $3,  Cardigan: $4, H&M pants: Hand-Me-Down from a friend, Purse: $4, All from my favorite neighborhood Goodwill. $13 total….aaaand I’m done!


Love and Thrift!



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