A Spring Style Update that’s Cheaper than a Pizza: My $21 Goodwill Haul

Did you know that Goodwill has a rewards card? You earn points for every $25 you spend-  and every 10 points earns you $25 off.  Sooooo… if you are a Mega-Thrifter like me, every so often you walk out of the store with a bundle of clothes for pennies!  I got 9 new pieces for $21-  which means I spent $2.33 per piece!  I’m dead, I can’t, I’m done…Actually I’m just cute AF in all of my new duds.  From cute-preppy, to normcore, to handsewn-wedding-top-turned Madonna party blouse- I’m delighted that my spring Wardrobe update is less than Pizza night with a tip!

What’s the best deal you’ve ever had in your thriftventures?  Tell me all about it!

Love and Thrift,


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