“Actress Type” OOTD

There is an Ethiopian  restaurant  with amazing Blue walls that I drive by often.  I’m always thinking that it’s the perfect ootd blog post wall and wondering when I can finally shoot against it.  Well, friday  was my lucky day- it was 85 degrees and  I had an audition for the show “Nashville” where I had to play and “Actress Type” (lol).  Obviously, I did it my way with Head to Toe (except a gifted shirt from my sis) Goodwill.  Probably a much more bold fashion choice than most-  but hey- what a better way to stand out than with killer fashion 😉  I’m sure that I looked a bit silly to all the cars driving past, posing for the self timer on my little tripod-  but hey- this blue wall tho!! (#sorrynotsorry #notmad)

Here is my secret style tip-  when thrifting-  buy out of season for amazing pieces.  This Bisou Bisou skirt was part of a mind blowing thrift haul last fall and it had been waiting patiently in my closet for warmer weather.  The incredible western denim button up was part of the very same haul and although it went through some major changes when I imprudently machine washed it (turning black faux suede into off white lining) the lightened make over makes it a great light jacket piece for warmer days.

In total: Tank: Gift from my sis, Denim shirt: Goodwill $4, Beaded Belt: Goodwill $3, Skirt: Goodwill $4, Shoes: Goodwill $5, Purse: Goodwill: $4, Sunglasses from my neighborhood Hair store $3  Total Outfit Cost: $23.  In terms of jewelry-  I’ve had this beautiful labradorite necklace for over 15 years- I bought it from a vendor on Telegraph ave in Berkeley, CA when I was a TeenCat. The bracelet and ring are heirlooms and the beaded bracelet was purchase at a hometown Farmers Market years ago from a vendor (who I can’t remember the name of!) who helped Women in Africa avoid being sex trafficked, by putting them to work creating amazing hand crafted jewelry.  Love, Love loving this whole look and I just can’t wait for all the 365dot spring fashion to come 🙂

Join me tomorrow and see how I got 9 new adorable spring pieces for $20!!!

Love and Thrift,


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