St Patrick’s Day Romantic

Processed with VSCOcam with c2 preset

I’m literally sitting on a patch of lovely spring grass, quietly overlooking the freeway as I write this. It’s 65 degrees, I have a break between meetings I’m surrounded by green and I love it. It somehow feels like I own the word up here- watching all the people stuck in traffic as I sit, festively romantic, on my dreamy perch above them.

My skirt was a hand me down from my sister, 5 year old $25 shoes from Payless have served me well and lasted far longer than I ever expected, my beautiful blouse was a $4 Goodwill find as well as the $4 purse and the $4 incredible vintage rose necklace. Along with some gifted jewelry This $37 outfit has me feeling like a princess.

I’ve been super obsessed with florals this past year so spring has me so excited to unleash all my romance upon all of you 365dot fans.

Love my cat eyes from

Have a Wonderful St Patrick’s Day!

Love and Thrift,




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