Houndstooth and Stripes and Heels Oh My!

Happy March Faithful Thrifters,

It’s been over a month-  but who’s counting?  This past month has been filled with so much fun and activity-  you can hop over to elisabethdonaldson.com to see all of the fun art shoots and acting gigs I’ve been getting myself into. But over here at 365dot  its warming up  and I’m having fun wearing outfits that I couldn’t get away with when it was 30 degrees.  I purchased all the pieces of this lovely getup  last fall and was just waiting for that perfect 65 degree day to wear it.  On Monday it was just that-  so I paired my black and white houndstooth and stripes with my grandmothers jewelry, a red belt and heels- threw on my Gaga Diva sunnies and went out for a coffee date with the lovely and talented Hayley Bidez.  No,  I did not take any pictures of the adorable The Post East (because sometimes the phone just needs to stay in my bag)  but, my Gawd-  it is SUPER adorable and well worth checking out.

So without further delay-  lets check out this supa-fab black and white dream.  Sweater: Goodwill $4, High Waisted Pants: Goodwill $5, Belt: Goodwill: $2, Shoes:  Payless from forever ago: $19, Sunnies: My trusty neighborhood hair store: $3, Scottie dog Scarf: Goodwill $2 Jewelry: My Wonderful Grandmother Bernice Donaldson. Total Outfit Cost: $35

Minni Mouse mask vibes- Got it at Goodwill (obvs!)


Selfie. Selfie. Selfie. Selfie. Selfie.
Namaste Bitches


Stay tuned. Cute outfits and fun news coming right up.


Love and Thrift,







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