#tbt: Dreaming of Indian Summer

The weather outside is frightening…and although I’m sure that those of you who live in areas with actually scary weather will make fun of me for my lack of enthusiasm for 20 degree days, I think we can all agree that none of us would mind taking a trip back to late September when it was 79, sunny and total perfection. I’m sure you have all become familiar with my roomie Autumn by now.  She and I had both had really great weeks so we decided to reward ourselves with some good old fashioned dress up and an impromptu iPhone photo shoot at the old abandoned Starwood Amphitheater.  A month later when I upgraded to a brand new phone- most of the photos were lost (enter sad music and hashtag: firstworldproblems here) but I managed to salvage a few from the magic of the interwebs to share this dreamy warm weather outfit with you all.

self portrait in New England

First, lets talk about this Maxi Vest- I’ll be doing a tutorial for you all come spring- but it’s a perfect DIY.  I found a Reality Bites style nineties dress- cut it through the middle, chopped the sleeves and voila! warm weather duster perfection! I created a Maxi Vest for Autumn as well which she paired with her southern-chic outfit.  And then my wide brim! I found all these fabulous fall flowers growing through the cracks at Starwood- so I just had to put them in the crown (they are still there!  they dried perfectly!) The final inventory: Hat: Goodwill $3, Shirt: Gifted from my sis, Upcycled vest: Goodwill (plus some craftiness) $7, Shorts: Goodwill $3, Boots: real leather from the Goodwill Outlet $1, Necklace: Family heirloom, Purse: Hand-me-down Kenneth Cole from Autumn.  Total Outfit cost: $14 (OMG!)

This graffiti skate ramp at Starwood is my favorite

I’ve been spending this past week sewing my little face off for my Monarch Couture line- but I have plenty to share with you on all of the fabulous events and outfits so stay tuned!

Love and Thrift,


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