Merry Thriftsmas and a Happy New Year.

Dear faithful thrifters,

I’m not going to apologize for the length of time between this blog and the last-  for alas, I am just a mere mortal dressed in thrifted clothing.  But, now that we are all gathered  here on this lovely new year-  I finally get to share with you my adorable thrifted holiday wares.  Hooray!

First- let us rewind to Christmas Eve.  I was spending some time at my Church- so I opted for what I call the “Sixties 1st Grade Teacher look.” This entire outfit was from Goodwill– and under $20 (if you subtract the shoes 😉 ). I’m just in love with the candy cane heart lollypops on this sweater! Seriously the cutest thing ever.  One of my favorite things to find at Goodwill are these epic Grandma sweaters- they are just solid gold when paired with the right items! The white blouse is part of my ever-growing “Goodwill White” collection with it’s front lace bow perfection. Aaaand letsjustalkabout the back detail on the retro teal pencil skirt which is just to die for!  Obviously- the 1st Grade Teacher look is not complete without some fab Santenas (can I say that? lol) Christmas Eve- come at me!

Blouse: Goodwill $2, Sweater:  Goodwill $5, Skirt: Goodwill $5, Belt: Goodwill $2 Earrings: Claires: $3, Shoes: Old School Payless $19, Santenas: Dollar Tree $1, Purse: Goodwill $3 Total for the Whole Shebang: $40

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Love this detailing!

Now one we go to Christmas…

My Wonderful family lives all the way across the country so we do our family time separate from all the holiday travel wildness.  I will say that tihs year as part of the project- all my gifts were either thrifted of handmade.  I’ll be doing a whole post on thrifted gifting in the future but, if you are looking for a gift that is totally special and one of a kind- the thrift store is most definitely your friend.

On Christmas my roommate and I decided to again visit Cummins Falls on an Epic journey in the pouring rain- so in my short time to prepare for my Church’s Christmas Dinner- I stayed with the retro theme- but upgraded to more of a 6th grade teacher vibe 🙂 The shirt is sheer so my nude vintage slip (I’m huge on always shopping the slip section for pretty little finds) from Goodwill is just perfect to keep everything classy and totally perfectly retro from inside out! I was helping with decor and food so this $1 Apron from Goodwill was my festive friend!

It was 70 degrees in Nashville on Christmas- so I pulled in some lighter, brighter colors.  It’s so fun to create color schemes that are super conventional and then add a subtle  twist (like the yellow jacket with this outfit or the teal and red  for my Christmas Eve outfit).  It creates a fun break from the usual Holiday colors we are all so used to seeing.

Blouse: Goodwill $4, Skirt: Gifted, Slip: Goodwill $4 Jacket: Goodwill $7, Shoes: Goodwill $5, Santa Hat: Who knows (lol), Apron: Goodwill $1, Jewelry: All passed down from my Grandmother. Total cost: $21 (seriously!!)

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This slip tho!

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After Christmas I decided to join the gym so it was nothing but workout clothes for a week- but finally we have arrived at my New Years Eve look. I think sparkle and shine is a must on NYE.  I had been eyeing this gold blouse waiting patiently for it’s turn since I brought it home from an October Goodwill Haul.  I paired it with a hand-me-down skirt from my sister- but the un-tailored gold top was oversized so together it was all starting to look like a Studio54 meets New girl thrifty disaster.  I had 5 minutes to run out the door and was  so relieved to find that my go to black velvet mini-blazer ( Walmart find from over 8 years ago) pulled the whole thing together.  Gifted vintage earrings and my Grandmothers amazing clock necklace and I’m ready to ring in 2016.

Shirt: Goodwill $4, Blazer: Old school Walmart $8, Skirt: Gifted, Tights: Target $5, Shoes: Goodwill $6, Jewelry: Vintage Gifted. Total Cost: $25

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Try using a necklace as a headband by pinning it in with bobby pins!

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Processed with VSCOcam with a5 preset

As for 365DOT- 2015 was the year it started and in 2016 I have so many fun plans to share with you all.  Thrift for the home, revamped thrift projects and some DIY health and beauty to tie it all together. 🙂

I’d love to hear your thoughts-  what else would you like to see here?

Wishing all of you a year filled with expansion, love,  growth- and of course… thrift.


Love and Thrift,









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