Thrifted Winter Whites

This past year I’ve become obsessed with whites. White walls, white cabinets, white curtains, white furniture, white clothes…  and when it comes to thrifting (especially when you are thrifting for the home) picking a consistent color pallet is one of the best ways to create a pulled together look with a diversity of pieces.  Also- despite all that talk about no white after labor day-  I actually think the right combination of all white- is a perfect style for any season.

All white is always beautiful, elegant, and it creates a gorgeous visual impact.  I also find it soothing-  both with wardrobe and in the home.  After years and years of being obsessed with color and feeling confused and overwhelmed in my home spaces-  I started moving everything over to all white and light colors and I’m loving it.


I was in charge of wardrobe on the music video for Real Men Love Jesus by the talented and down to earth Michael Ray (more about that in a future blog) and we had a cast and crew gathering hosted by Inkwell Films at WELD Nashville on Monday night.  I’ll be honest-  I didn’t take a single picture while I was there-  because sometimes you just want to put away your phone and look people in the eye-  but this outfit was most definitely 365dot worthy so I snapped some pics on Tuesday to share with you all.

The best part about this outfit was that in my 45 minute break between my non-profit gig and my arrival to our release party- I realized that 1) my camel colored shoes were too dark and 2) my woven wicker purse was out of season- so I made a mad dash to goodwill (luckily there was one right down the street) to solve my fashion emergency and ended up finding these PERFECT lace flats and handmade purse in less than 10 minutes (I also snagged a perfect pair of white sandals and two white blouses-of course)

So without further ado- here are my adorable winter whites:

Dress: Goodwill $8, Vintage Angora Sweater: Goodwill $4, Belt Goodwill $2, Tights: Walmart $5 (I know, I know…but you just can’t find tights at Goodwill and they are essential for fall and winter) Shoes: Goodwill $6, Purse: Goodwill $3.  Total outfit cost: $28, Total thrifted items: $23.

(Thrifted) Curtains and Pillows and Couches- Oh My!

The infamous Sharpie Couch- Hand Drawn and Gifted from a dear friend

Love and Thrift,


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