The 365 Day Challenge: Why I thrift…

I have been thrifting ever since I was old enough to care about fashion.  For me it has always been style choice-  even at the young age of 12 and 13-  I discovered that I could find unique and unusual pieces at a thrift store that would be pretty much impossible to find elsewhere.  Then, as I began my journey into up cycling with my Monarch Couture clothing line I not only became more and more immersed into the world of thrifting-  but, since my line was an Eco Fashion line, I also became increasingly aware of the negative environmental impacts of current commercial fashion.


Working non-profit and being a freelance artist and small business upstart for the past several years- I have been tasked with the problem of looking good on a dime-  after all if you are an artist, stylist and a fashion designer-  you can’t exactly look unfashionable.  I, like the rest of you have oft been reeled in by the $5-25 price tags found at places like Forever 21, Old Navy and Walmart-  but to my dismay-  there is a deeper cost to this fast, low priced fashion.

It hit me on a personal level a few years a go when I was shopping at Old Navy with my mom-  giddy with excitement of all of the clothes I was about to get for pennies.  My mom-  decided after a few minutes, that she just couldn’t get anything for herself-  as the recent Rana Plaza factory collapse in Bangladesh made the low prices at the store have too much of human cost.  I’m not one for spending copious amount of time on the internet researching bad news-  but just a quick look into the subject and it’s easy to see the high human cost and poor working conditions of all of this trendy inexpensive fashion that most of us end up throwing away or giving away after less than a year of wear.

If the factory conditions weren’t bad enough-  lets confront a staggering fact about fashion: “The clothing industry is the second dirtiest industry in the world, second only to oil.”  Wow-  I bet most of you didn’t know that-  I know I certainly didn’t.

purple water
Rivers polluted with dye from clothing manufacturing

Here are just a few crazy facts:

These are just a small sampling of some of the staggering effects of fast fashion.  Click through the links to read  full articles that will really open your eyes on the subject.

The more research-  I did-  the more it was clear to me that there is so much more I can personally do in the coming years to reduce the environmental impact I have on the world around me.  There even controversy regarding thrift store shopping-  but hey- it’s the right direction and it’s a longtime love affair.

So- considering as we have that thrifting is:  A) fashionable B) Fun C) Cheap D) Better for the Environment,  I am giving myself this challenge:  365 Days of Thrift:  For the next year (and most likely beyond)  my style will consist of only things that are thrifted, gifted, handmade (by me or another) or pre-owned (I’m not going to now throw away everything I’ve ever purchased from a regular store) I’ll be posting my progress here and I invite all of you to follow along and share your own thifty success.

Love and Thrift,


12 thoughts on “The 365 Day Challenge: Why I thrift…

  1. Just found you! Love your stuff! I’ve been a thrifty since very small, growing up poor, but now it’s a way of life! It gives me a lot of pleasure to thrift and repurpose, and my daughters do as well, and now the grandkids! They never talk about “the mall”! They love to go to thrift stores with me. Not only are the bargains exciting, but to see all those items being utilized again instead of in a landfill, and all the kids there back to school shopping, and on and on and on…it’s a good way to live.

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  2. I love your insight on the Human Price of buying things made in certain Countries! I love thrift shopping and so do my children!! I saw on Twitter that you also are a part of Scientology and Stand League. I’m curious as to what made you look into Scientology and has it helped you?
    Thank you!!


    1. Thank you so much! Thrifting is so beneficial I’m so many ways! I have been a Scientologists for over 15 years. I took a simple communication course (Success Through Communication) and was really impressed by how I could apply what I learned right away and how helpful it was. I continued to study more and always found helpful tools that really helped me in life. It’s helped me to understand myself, express myself better as an artist, be more stable in life and I think the biggest benefit is my ability to really understand and help others. is a great resource- they have lots of info! ♥️🙏🏻


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